Building Environments for Engagement and Deeper Learning

Offered Vermont 2018

Day #1: Real-World Learning with a trip to the Forest Center

All of the wonderful education in the world is of little value if students are unable to apply it in a real-world setting.  Yet, getting outside of the classroom and connecting with community resources can be challenging for teachers due to time, funding and curricular constraints.  This workshop will provide many successful local examples of how these challenges have been overcome, how student engagement has flourished, and how and why teachers have made place-based education and service-learning an integral part of their practice.  In addition, keeping in line with our educational philosophy, we will challenge you to think, move, explore, collaborate and (dare we say it?) guarantee you will have fun.

Come join us at the lovely Forest Center, located at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park to explore our natural, historical and cultural resources and spark your own ideas for project-based learning and community collaborations that align directly with standards and cultivate student agency.”

Day #2: Engage in the Innovation Process with NuVu

NuVu is a full-time innovation school for middle and high school students based in Cambridge, MA. Founded in 2010 by PhDs and Graduates of MIT, we rigorously train students to develop innovative approaches to real-world problems, which we believe is an essential skill set for success beyond secondary education.  Our pedagogy is founded on the principles of the architectural studio model and centers on hands-on learning-by-doing under the guidance of experts whom we call “Coaches.”  Through multi-disciplinary projects, we help students navigate the messiness of the creative process through collaboration, iterative design, and critique. 

In this one day workshop, participants will actively engage in the innovation process.  We will get your creative energy flowing as you gain first-hand experience working in a collaborative studio environment. You’ll gain insight into how to use a framework of innovation to develop your problem-solving skills and will think about how to integrate a creative mindset and environment within your school, organization or company.

Joan Haley

Joan began her career studying economics, with a focus on natural resource management, at the University of Michigan, earned a Masters in Science in Environmental Science and a Masters in Public Administration from the School for Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University, and is currently earning a doctorate in education from Northeastern University.  After joining the U.S. Peace Corps in Honduras and falling in love with environmental education, she worked nationally and internationally for several years for the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and the Smithsonian Institution, providing support and professional development programs for formal and non-formal educators and eventually serving as Interim Director for NAAEE. After moving to Vermont, she focused more locally on engaging educators with place-based education programs, and currently serves as the Director of Partnership Education for Shelburne Farms through a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service. In 2011, she co-founded the Park for Every Classroom program and in 2014, the Wellborn Place-based Ecology Education Institute. Last year, in collaboration with several teachers from New England, she initiated the Climate Resiliency Fellowship. Her primary focus is to help teachers cultivate environmentally-literate students and create supportive and meaningful partnerships between parks, schools and community organizations. 

Saba Ghole

Saba Ghole is an architectural-urban designer turned education-technology entrepreneur. As Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of NuVu, Saba leads the school’s agenda of creativity and experimentation. Saba received her Masters in Urban Design at MIT. Saba’s urban design experience has included work on innovative educational projects such as the Central Los Angeles High School #9 while working at Coop Himmelb(l)au and the Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh while working at leading architecture firm Perkins+Will. Saba is passionate about creating interactive art that raises social awareness and strengthens community. Her art pieces Pulse and Bloom and Grove are two of the largest biofeedback installations of their kind.

Emily Glass

Emily Glass is the NuVuX Coordinator at NuVu Studio.  Trained as an architect, she has always had deep interests in multidisciplinary design and progressive education.  After working for several years in residential and corporate architecture firms, Emily joined the team at NuVu in January 2016, where she has been working to build NuVu’s external partnerships with schools around the world.  Emily has a BA in Architecture from Columbia University in New York and an M.Arch from Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Saeed Arida

Saeed Arida is the Founder and Chief Excitement Officer of NuVu, a full time innovation school based in Cambridge, MA. NuVu is paving the way for a new studio-based educational model that nurtures students’ creative and innovative skills through project-based, collaborative design. Dr. Arida received his PhD in Design Computation as a Presidential Fellow at MIT, where his doctoral research examined the intricacies of the creative process and the nature of creativity. This work explored how an educational environment can nurture creative learning, which formed the pedagogical framework for NuVu. Prior to studying at MIT, he earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Damascus University in Syria.


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