Design Thinking

Strand 2

Day #1: Hands-on introduction to Design Thinking

During the first workshop day, participants will be introduced to the concept of Design Thinking and will explore a series of resources (articles & videos) as they begin exploration of the process. With a emphasis on the mindset, philosophy, and purpose of design thinking, participants will develop a solid understanding of both the “why” and “what” of Design Thinking.

Day #2: Design Thinking in Action

During the second workshop day, the emphasis will be on exploring Design Thinking in a classroom / educational setting. Through a process of examining a combination of archived examples (articles / video) and live mini presentations, participants will begin to solidify their understanding of both the Design Thinking process and how it can be effectively used as a model for classroom discovery, student engagement, and personalized learning. With a day two emphasis on the practical application of Design Thinking in education, participants will begin to develop an understanding of the “how” of Design Thinking in the classroom.

Greg Kulowiec

Greg Kulowiec is a nationally recognized instructor, presenter, and author, Greg is an award-winning teacher and authorized Google Education Trainer. He has been an early adopter of mobile devices in the classroom and coined the phrase “App Smashing.” Prior to joining EdTechTeacher, Greg Kulowiec spent eight years as a high school history teacher and one year as a technology integration specialist. He began integrating technology into his classroom with early mobile devices including iPods and cell phones. Those initial efforts focused on building capacity for students to create dynamic content with mobile devices to demonstrate their understanding of complex ideas. In his last year as a classroom teacher, Greg began the process of exploring how mobile devices and iPads could be effectively integrated into the classroom to support student learning and creativity. He has used that experience as the foundation for numerous blog posts and presentations as well as to develop the concept of “App Smashing.”

As an instructor and presenter, Greg brings a dynamic and thoughtful approach to technology integration with an emphasis on the powerful nature of how these devices can be used in the hands of students to reveal unique perspectives, understanding, and capabilities. Greg is an authorized Google Education Trainer and has presented at Google’s Global Education Summit, ISTE, MassCue, NCSS, MASCD, and the EdTechTeacher iPad Summits on topics ranging from the integration of social media in the classroom to collaboration with mobile devices. He blogs regularly at The History 2.0 Classroom as well as Free Technology for Teachers. Greg holds a degree in Sociology from St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH where he was also a four year scholarship basketball player and team captain.”

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