Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

Offered in Vermont 2019

Day #1:

With current and emerging technologies, the barriers that have historically existed for students to engage in entrepreneurship are nearly non-existent. Through connecting with experts in their field, to networking via technology, to building a brand and virtual business, the purpose of the workshop is to explore the potential for students to define a problem, identify a market & space to engage as a digital entrepreneur. In day one of the workshop, we will explore what is possible in the world of entrepreneurship with technology. By examining current practice by entrepreneurs as well as how schools are embracing the potential of technology to build an entrepreneurial culture, workshop attendees will develop a sense and understanding of what is currently possible and how to begin embracing entrepreneurship as a component of their school and curriculum. We will define why entrepreneurship can and should be a component of a student’s education and experience as it can act as a mechanism to help students develop fundamental skills to become valuable contributing members of society. 

Day #2: Design Thinking in Action

As day one explores the potential and the “why” behind embracing the teaching of entrepreneurship in schools, day two will focus on the “how” behind teaching entrepreneurship in a digital age. From the skills that need to be explored and taught to develop successful entrepreneurs, to the role of technology in the process, workshop attendees will spend time developing a vision and process for implementing the skill of entrepreneurship in the classroom and school. 

Greg Kulowiec

Greg Kulowic is a nationally recognized instructor, presenter, and author.  He was an early adopter of mobile devices in the classroom and coined the phrase “App Smashing.” Prior to joining EdTechTeacher, Greg Kulowiec spent eight years as a high school history teacher and one year as a technology integration specialist.

As an instructor and presenter, Greg brings a dynamic and thoughtful approach to technology integration with an emphasis on the powerful nature of how these devices can be used in the hands of students to reveal unique perspectives, understanding, and capabilities. Greg is an authorized Google Education Trainer and has presented at Google’s Global Education Summit, ISTE, MassCue, NCSS, MASCD, and the EdTechTeacher Summits.

Greg also explores the use of emerging technologies and frameworks for the classroom.  Whether it be Design Thinking, Project Based Learning, Visible Thinking, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, there is always an emphasis placed on student voice, creativity, and critical thinking.

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