Project Based Learning

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Day #1: Introduction to Project Based Learning

This course will is designed for those who wish to build buy-in and work toward a common vision of teaching and learning. Faculty reflect on significant learning experiences from their own lives to extract core features of meaningful learning experiences in general. They then engage in a backwards design process, guided by these features and Adria Steinberg’s 6 As, to design an engaging, rigorous project for their students, which they tune with colleagues. Participants leave with a project proposal and feedback on that proposal to guide their next steps.

Day #2: Project Based Learning in Action

During the second workshop day, inspired by High Tech High’s work with Ron Berger in fostering an ethic of excellence with students, HTH teachers will show how they incorporate student-driven processes for critique and revision to support the creation of beautiful work. Participants of this course will also learn how to support the design of high quality products in project-based learning environments, and how to create classroom cultures where students see each other as useful resources in improving their work.

This workshop is designed for K-12 classroom teachers, tech integrationists, and administrators who are looking to explore the potential of Project Based Learning in their curriculum.

Angie Guerrero

Angela Guerrero received her Bachelor’s degree in English from San Diego State University. She found her passion in life—teaching— while tutoring in Barrio Logan in Southeast San Diego. She has taught English to every level of high school students, and has also been a reading instructor. Before joining High Tech High in 2007 as a founding teacher of the Chula Vista campus, she taught at a comprehensive high school and also spent a summer teaching in Gulu, Uganda, where her passion for social justice and equity for all students (and all people) was further fueled. Angela also received her Master’s in Education with an emphasis on Teacher Leadership from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, a program through which she published works for the UnBoxed journal. 

She has also been a BTSA course instructor for new teachers and a BTSA mentor, because she believes strongly in supporting new teachers and helping them develop into great practitioners. By supporting greatness in teachers, she hopes to help create great schools where all children receive great educations.

In her role as outreach coordinator at HTH, Angela worked with educators from around the world exploring questions of equity in schools and she believes strongly in the power of projects to foster deeper learning for all students. She is excited to share the tenets of project based learning as a platform for offering equality in learning communities.

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